~   Vincent van Gogh  (via wanduring)

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sadgirlss-smoke-alot asked:

Your blog hit home.. and its so amazing. Your words are so accurate and I cant put into words how beautiful yours are. I could read everything on your blog for hours. Hope you have a nice day/night x x x


Thank you so much you sweet, sweet thing. 

What a kind message. You’re lovely, and you too! x


June | 2014
I want you with all your aching cradled in your chest, with every smile hiding behind your teeth, with your soul cracked open and your heart undone. 

February | 2014
But I also know that beer makes you proud, wine makes you laugh, spirits make you love, and we were full of all three. 

Today I suddenly started feeling completely at a loss, and I don’t know why. 
I’ve been trying to shake the feeling all afternoon, so I went to the gym, and I listened to music, and I drank some tea, and I started draw, and all of a sudden I completely blanked on what to draw. So I started getting really panicky, and short of breath, and jittery for no reason, and I just wanted to cry and cry and cry.
But I caught my reflection in the mirror, and then I looked down at my brush, and then I looked back at my face, and I guess I just decided to pull myself together because there is no fucking use crying when there are so many other things I want to, and should be, doing.
So I started painting my face. And I guess it sort of ended up looking like tears anyway, and I promise you this isn’t a sad story. It’s the story of how I drew the blue out of my mind, and onto my skin, and so now I’m going to go have a shower and wash away this paint…and this feeling. 

October | 2013
You will suffer a lot, but you will discover a strength you never knew you had. You won’t know how to use it at first. Sometimes you will hurt people with it, sometimes you will hurt yourself. 
Originally written for Leigh.

June | 2014
I’m not a religious person. 

December | 2013