Today my friend came over and we put purple dye in our hair and I drew on her foot. 10/10 day.
~   Donald Winnicott  (via themajorreview)

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July | 2014
Excerpt from this piece of writing. 
July | 2014
You are worth losing sleep over. You are worth giving love to. 
No matter how much or little I had, without a doubt, it’s your. 
July | 2014
July | 2014
Oh help. 
July | 2014
"…not all love stories are epic. Sometimes they’re just sad."
July | 2014
July | 2014
If so, where?
If not, what?

asdfghjklalalalalalalalalalalala asked:

How would you say 'still lost' in French? It is really 'encore perdu'? (i just google translated it, but i'm iffy on trusting it haha)


You are also correct, however, my understanding was that ‘toujours’ was simply the more formal way of saying it. However it can also mean forever, always, etc…

It’s a very loose interpretation of course, and this was one of the reasons I ended up changing it :)